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Students who have ADHD often have impairments in areas of executive functioning. However, even very "smart" kids can struggle with EFS. I teach students how to improve EFS based on their unique individual abilities in order to help them reach their academic potential. I help parents support their child through this process. 

Executive Functioning Skills:

  • Impulse Control: the ability to think before you act. Being able to take the time to evaluate a situation and how your reactions to a situation may impact you positively or negatively.

  • Organization: the ability to develop effective systems to track information, tasks, materials, commitments for any given situation, the ability to create checklists, and manage responsibilities.

  • Cognitive Flexibility: the ability to move from one situation to another, thinking flexibly, adapting to changing conditions, facing tranitions, setbacks, revising plans.

  • Goal Directed Persistence: the ability to set measurable goals and follow through without getting distracted by other interests, or giving up.

  • Task Initiation: the ability to begin a task, getting started generating ideas, efficiently working through steps without problematic procrastination.

  • Working Memory: the ability to hold on to information for a purpose of completing a task. Frawing on past experiences to help with complex tasks or projects. 

  • Planning and Prioritizing: the ability to make a roadmap to complete a projext, and or reach a goal.

  • Self-Monitoring: the ability to monitor your own performance, being able to self evaluate your own skills and ask "How am I doing? How could I do better?"

  • Time Management: the ability to stay within time limits, estimate how much time you have and allocate the appropriate time you need for a specific task. 

  • Sustained Attention: the ability to stay focused on long term tasks without being swayed by fatigue, distractions, or other interests. 

  • Emotional Control: the ability to identify and manage emotions to achieve goals, and complete tasks.

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