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I have many years of experience helping students prepare for college admissions and the transition to college. Many people think planning for college starts when you are a junior or senior.  I encourage...



Students can have considerable variability in regards to their EFS. Intellectual ability is not the same as executive capacity. Very "smart" kids can lack EFS and struggle in areas such as planning, organization, and time management.


Students will learn a variety of strategies to add to their academic tool box. Parents will learn how to create a nurturing, supportive, and structured environment to promote learning success.


  • Does your child come home saying "I don't have homework" yet struggles with missing assignments and low grades?

  • Does your student score well on standardized tests, yet remain challenged by seemingly "simple" tasks like keeping their backpack & locker organized?

  • Does your child break down in tears at homework time, or show other signs of anxiety or stress at school?

  • Would you like to find an effective way to help motivate your student, without the endless arguments and battles?

  • Do teachers say your child is not living up to his/her potential?

  • Are you and your high school stendent overwhelmed by the college process?

I can help you meet these challenges and help your student gain a better handle of organization, time management and homework strategies. As a parent you will feel empowered and comfortable communicating with your child and school personnel. Together, we can help your child experience success!

Dedicated, compassionate and committed. Engaging parents and Empowering students.

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