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Our son was struggling with organizational skills at school and at home. My husband and I met with Sue to see what we should do. Sue is amazing. My husband and I walked away from that meeting armed with some great tools to help our son. We also wanted Sue to work with our son and we loved the fact that Sue requires the child to agree to meet with her. When he met Sue and her dog, he agreed to come! In just a few short months Sue taught him how to communicate better with his teachers, and parents, and how to organize his backpack and his daily planner. Sue also helped with his math and vocabulary. Sue isn't a tutor, she's a life changer. The way she communicates with kids, even stubborn ones, is inspiring and it's her gift. 

When I was struggling with ideas on how to communicate with my teenage daughter, the first person I called was Sue. She listened and gave me feedback and tools that I had not thought about to help with our communication.

We are so thankful for Sue and will continue to utilize her amazing skills and insight with our children! I adore Sue and highly recommend her.

Jen and Will


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We began working with Sue to help our son when he was in 8th grade. He was diagnosed with an overwhelming list of conditions, including ADD, short term memory loss and executive functioning issues. We were at a loss with where to begin to help him. While testing well within the advanced range academically, his assignments were all missing or late, the assignments he did turn in were not demonstrative of his abilities, and his grades were slipping fast. Her expertise in the areas of his disabilities along with her experience as both a teacher and a high school counselor have proved invaluable. Sue helped our son develop an approach to organizing himself that works for him and our weekly meetings with her help to keep him on track and on time and hold him accountable for his own success.


Additionally, she assisted us in developing and implementing a 504 plan for our son at his school that addresses what works best for him rather than the cookie-cutter approach that is often taken with students such as him. She helped him begin to advocate for himself and helped us, as parents, learn how to effectively advocate for our son, too.


We were at a complete loss with what to do or how to best help our son before we came to Sue. She helped restore peace at our house by creating a plan-of-attack for homework, studying and test-taking skills. We cannot recommend her enough if you have a student drowning the way our son was or even if you have a student who just needs a little help getting things together!




Sue Young worked with my daughter, Lindsey during her freshman year in high school.  She was able to give her some tools and strategies to help her with organizational and studying skills that fit her personality and learning style.  Sue assessed Lindsey’s strengths and struggles and came up with a customized plan and techniques based on that assessment.  Lindsey’s study habits become more focused and effective.  

Sue also helped Lindsey with goal setting which increased her confidence.  Her grades improved steadily.  Sue’s caring and personal approach with both Lindsey and I, as well as her follow up with and suggestions for me as a parent were extremely helpful.  I referred quite a few friends to Sue and will continue to do so! 



Our son met Sue before his freshmen year in high school to learn study and organizational skills. He is a high functioning Asperger’s’ kid, and needed help with the transition from middle school to high school. Sue successfully taught him study, test taking and note taking skills. More importantly, Sue gave our son the confidence he needed to make the transition. Our son was able to start his homework without prompting and was able to self-monitor his time.  He applied his new skills when studying for test and quizzes and made great progress as the year progressed.

We were all absolutely thrilled when he finished his first semester with a 3.5 gpa. I am positive that Sue contributed greatly to our son’s success. I know the skills he gained will be applied elsewhere in his life – not just in school. We plan to meet with Sue again prior to the start of his sophomore year so he can brush up on the skills that Sue taught him.

Do yourself and your child a favor and schedule a meeting with Sue today!


PJ Warzon


The text I received from my son on his first day in Sophomore Honors English said, "Can I please drop this class? None of this makes sense to me." Of course dropping the class was not an option - especially not on the first day. 

My son is a very good student, the kind to whom schoolwork - and good grades - come easily. So not clicking with Honors English was a new feeling for him and us. His anxiety and frustration continued as the first weeks ticked by. I started to receive texts daily from his class. "Mom, I don't get this. Mom, please let me drop. Mom, this is so confusing" I could see tears in his eyes at times when he was working on his homework because he was so frustrated. It broke my heart. But still, dropping was not an option.   
That's when we found Sue.
And thank goodness we did. First off, Sue read my son's assignment, which I really appreciated. She encouraged me to do the same, which was helpful because I also had a hard time understanding it (It was a short story by James Joyce. 'Nuf said.) When my son and I arrived at Sue's she was ready for him with pre-study aids, tips and resources that he could use to orient himself to the work before he started - and provide support throughout the coursework. 

Just those few tactics game us a solid game plan that prepped my son for the stories he'd be reading and writing about. It was enough to calm us down and provide the context for my son to engage with the class. And, boy, did that kid thrive, earning a 4.0 both semesters. 

Thank you Sue!  



From our first meeting, Sue’s warmth and compassion set us at ease as she helped my son work through the academic and emotional challenges that arose early in his college career.  Sue helped him find techniques to ease his anxiety, organize his life, hone in on his goals and assess his choices. He’s now thriving on the path to his new career as a web developer and we are all incredibly grateful to Sue for guiding us along the way.


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